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XPS 13 9350 docking station compatibility


I have a new XPS 13 9350 laptop (running Windows 10 Home) which I am trying to use with a D3100 docking station, connected to two S2415H monitors via HDMI cables.  I am having various issues with this:

  • The laptop does not charge via the docking station.
  • I experience strange intermittent issues when connected to the docking station.  For example, sometimes my internet connection simply doesn't work and/or Chrome crashes (neither of which happen when not connected to the docking station).

My primary question is around compatibility.  The Dell website is entirely unclear as to which docking station(s) are or aren't compatible with the XPS 13 9350 (specifically the 9350, not earlier models).  I have looked at the product pages for the XPS 13 9350, the D3100 docking station and the newly available Thunderbolt Dock-TB15 docking station.  None of these pages explicitly show that the laptop is compatible with either of these docking stations.

So...could someone please confirm what is or isn't compatible?  The D3100 docking station doesn't appear to be fully compatible, but I suppose this could also be an issues with Windows 10 as well.

Thank you in advance,


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