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Latitude E7470 External Monitors with Dock Problems


I have a Latitude E7470 for work and when I first started using it with my docking station to external monitors, I was noticing a similar issue as was brought up in the thread linked below. One of my two external monitors (seemingly randomly) would flicker once, or periodically to a point where it was distracting. Additionally, I have seen the graphics card crash a few times after such problems appeared.

I implemented the "fix" that was linked (and marked as the answer to the thread) over lunch about a week ago, and more things went haywire from there. Basically, at this point I am unable to connect to any external monitors through the docking station. I have resorted to having a single monitor connected via HDMI, but it is hardly conducive to working and I would really like to have my multiple monitor setup back (even with the flashing problem, at the least).

Is there any way to undo the actions I have run, or is there a more up to date fix for this issue?

Link to "fix":

Any response and guidance would be greatly appreciated. I'd really like to not have to resort to getting a different style (USB 3.0) docking station if I can prevent it.