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RE: Latitude E7470 External Monitors with Dock Problems

I'm having a very similar issue with my E7470. If I connect (through DP or DVI/HDMI) a 4k monitor to the E-port docking station, the screen constantly blinks on and off. I also tried running Ubuntu on the E7470, which shows a very amusing version of the problem: the 4k monitor is on until I move the mouse cursor over to it, at which point it turns off. Taking the cursor off the screen makes the monitor turn back on.

I've also tried setting the monitor to DP1.1, but with that setting the E7470 didn't even detect the monitor (the other laptops worked fine both with 1.1 and 1.2).

I tried various different versions of the docking station (we run hundreds of Dell laptops, so I could borrow all sorts of historical artifacts), and also different brands of 4k monitors, without any change. FHD monitors on the other hand seem to work, at least for the few minutes I've tried (I didn't have more time for testing).

The docking stations and monitors work fine with all generations of E64xx laptops that I've tried, so the fault is definitely with the E7470.

I've tried Windows 10 and Ubuntu on the laptop, updated the BIOS to 1.4.2. (March 15, 2016) and the Intel GPU driver to ,A01 (March 17, 2016). I tried to update the VMM HUB, but the installer wouldn't run - it complained that my system was incompatible with the driver.

The E7470 would be the perfect business laptop - it is reasonably light and compact, has a great screen, powerful enough for most purposes and it's equipped with full docking port. I would be really disappointed if we had to look for another solution/vendor.

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