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XPS15z L511z won't boot (blank screen ) and beep at any key stroke.

Hello guys,

I've done a extensive search on the internet and couldn't find any answer to my problem. I have a Dell XPS15z for quite a while. Last year my battery stoped working, and since I already had a new PC, I left it alone.

Well, I've decided to give the old friend a new shot at, so I bought a new battery, installed it and did the first 8h charge that the manual indicated. However when I first got to use it, after I pressed the power button the laptop would show signs of activity (power button led on, HD spinning, fans working), but the screen stays blank and no matter wich key I press the laptop emits a beep. If I leave it like that, after a while there are no changes at all.

So, can anyone please help me with this predicament?

Thanks in advance.

Raphael Carlos

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