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RE: XPS15z L511z won't boot (blank screen ) and beep at any key stroke.

Sorry for the absence, but it was a national holiday here in Brazil and I was out of town.

You guys seem to not be able to understand me. I can't do any test, like LCD or whatever, because my screen stays blank! No point in booting pressing D, Fn or any other key.

The battery is an original Dell one, and I've released the static power before with no success. And I also can't connect an external monitor because I cannot boot the laptop.

And the beeps, oh my, the laptop powers on, it lights the LED on the power button, start the fan, the LCD stays blank and THERE ARE NO BEEPS except when I press any key. Imagine a piano: you press a key, you hear a note; so does my laptop. When I press any key it beeps, the same tone for any key. And it's linked to the pressing, for as long as I hold the key the tone keeps going.

Anyway, I'm seriously considering leave it alone.

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