Anvesh Parab
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Inspiron 15 3543...Most disappointing product I have ever purchased.

I purchased this laptop in March 2015 and started facing issues right from the beginning. For the past whole year I have been dealing with problems with my touch pad. There was erratic movement after which the multi finger gestures stop working. I have been back and forth with the tech support and they have done a lot to fix the issue starting with replacing the drivers, a system reset, OS re-installation, replacing the touch pad TWICE, and then replacing the mother board too. Still the issue continues. And now it has thrown up a new fit. Twice in a week's time a blue screen has popped up with an error message "page fault in non paged area". After this one of the speakers has stopped working. The Dell tech support team is very helpful whenever we reach out to them. However, I have completely lost faith in the quality of their product. I am now desperately trying to get some kind of resolution to my problems. If anyone has any idea how I can reach the right people, please help me out here.

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