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Dell Inspiron 5558 - Keyboard Backlight Issue

Hi Team,

I bought a new Dell Inspiron 5558 laptop. From the initial stage itself keyboard backlight is not working. I cant find any symbol for backlight in Fn keys. Below option have tried,

BIOS - Turned on the backlight

Mobility center - No keyboard backlight option

Control panel - In keyboard properties no backlight tab o modify.

I am feeling very difficulty in working in dark places. Please anyone help me to fix this issue in my laptop.

My laptop model is

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Let me know incase of any further details required.

Thanks in Advance



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RE: Dell Inspiron 5558 - Keyboard Backlight Issue

Dell 5558 comes with an optional keyboard. Apparently, the bios is tweaked for machines that come with a backlit keyboard while your machine doesn't. The only option is to purchase and replace a new backlit keyboard from EBAY or AmaZon and install it. That will work, do check out instructions before replacing keyboards.

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