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Strike the F1 key to retry reboot. HDD problem


I use Windows 8.1 and lately, sometimes it's been running very slow.

Yesterday I could do absolutely nothing so I've given it a reset. After

that it started to boot very slowly I think I've made a reset again. 

The boot was even slower then before. I've restarted the computer. 

I've made to a point to do automatic repair, which has had a problem with my HDD it has asked

me whether do I want to come back to factory settings I've said No and clicked cancel.

And so, the system started to load up and giving me a message:
No boot device available
SATA 1: Installed

mSATA: None

Strike F1 to reboot, F2 to run setup utillity

Up to this moment I've made a switch between AHCI/RAID SATA mode, setting Bios to default settings, UEFI/Legacy Boot modes to see what happens, nothing yet.
Is there an answer to this problem? simple solution maybe? how can I roll back the system to the last known working setting

Kind regars, Chris

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