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RE: Is this Dell laptop battery actually counterfeit?

Hi jep_2016,

Thanks for posting and bringing this to our attention.  If it appears to be counterfeit, there's a good possibility that it is.  These types of batteries generally sell for considerably less than normal, and have been known to allegedly cause fires.  While the outside may appear original, the Chinese "knock offs" use very cheap battery cells on the inside, the soldering is not up to US standards, and have a tendency to short out and cause fires.

While it may appear to be a "good deal" the consequences to property damage and potentially bodily damage, may not be such a "good deal".  Our advice would be to not use the possibly counterfeit battery and purchase one from a reputable source such as Dell Spare parts    ,, or Discount Electronics.

Hopefully you will find this information helpful, if you need additional assistance, please contact me privately.  Thanks.


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