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Upgraded hardware on my Dell 7559, now stuck in Automatic Repair loop, please help

So, I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 7559, and decided to upgrade it with another 8GB RAM and a 120GB 850 Evo SSD. Directly after installing these, upon boot I was taken to a white screen reading: "The amount of system memory may have changed" with the options of "Continue" "BIOS Setup" and "Diagnostics". When I continue, I am asked to chose my keyboard layout, and then am taken to a screen with an array of options, such as "Continue", "Troubleshoot", "Use a device", etc. I have tried many of the options and solutions I've found with some googling, but nothing is working. When I continue, I'm taken to a screen with a circular loading animation that reads "Preparing automatic repair...", and then I am taken back to the "Choose your keyboard layout" screen. I've ran the diagnostics, albeit to an extent (I have not completed the second part of the diagnostics reading the memory, which takes 5+ hours), but what was tested was a-okay. I have factory restored, and reset Windows 10. I am pretty certain that this isn't due to faulty hardware with the aftermarket installations I made, as the Samsung SSD and Crucial RAM both came from the manufacturer on Amazon, both products having 5 stars. Anyone have any ideas?
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