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Dell inspiron 3148 keyboard went bad less than 6month, yet getting laptop fixed under warranty is taking forever.

Hi Guys,

I resolved to air my views and opinions on how I have been treated by Dell support centre/Dell over my inspiron 3148 which was purchased a while ago.

Less than 6months after the purchase this laptop coupled with intermittent usage of the PC, the keyboard stopped responding! 

I  contacted the dell support centre and sent in the laptop based on warranty for the keyboard to be replaced. This is the 7th week its being there, making life unbearable and without communication on when I will get the PC back. I was initially told it will take 10 days for the keyboard to be repaired, today makes it 45th day. 

I don't know Dell could do a laptop whose keyboard would go *** under 6 month talk less of being treated in the inhumanly way possible for an item under warranty.

Any help or idea how I can get out of this mess!

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