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My Dell laptop returned from the service center with more issues !

I sent my laptop for repairs as there was an issue with the WiFi connectivity.It was supposed to be returned to me in 15 business days,but it was returned after a month and a half. When i received my laptop, the operating system installed wasn't the correct version and I also did not have the product key for the same (Since the version was different than the previously installed one, the product key in MSDM  was different  and did not work).On contacting customer care, i was transferred from one department to another and their final solution was to have me send the laptop back to their service center. This was after 4-5 hours on the phone with the customer care and after having to explain my problems around 9-10 times. I just received my laptop after a month and half and i have to send it again!! What kind of customer service is this!!!! Installing a legitimate version of Windows(which i have paid for) is common sense!

Customer service is supposed to resolve issues,not introduce new ones. This is extremely irritating .I have tried being patient for over a month.I have been extremely inconvenienced due to this.I am a student and I am behind on my work due to such issues.

Looks like Dell does not want to retain its customers! 

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