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RE: No automatic switching between loudspeakers and headphone after upgrading an Inspiron N411z (Intel i5) to Windows 10

Thanks Jimco,

You made another good comparison. Our comparisons with the auto-industry made me think back on the moment that one of their directors (Ford, GM whoever) joked on Microsoft saying that they (automakers) wouldn't sell any cars if people needed to STOP the engine by pushing the START button or when a car would stop (PC=Blue screen) at unexpected moments. Result: My sons car engine stops when pushing the START button (a Ford) but (luckily enough still never stops when you don't want it to stop. We still have a long time ahead. Poor software developers! They need to crack their minds and write more and more complicated software to let the things that people see on their screens look simple . . . . .

Enough said on this item I think. Let's save our energy for later.

Greetings, Gerard

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