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RE: Connecting Dell Latiutude E6410 to HGTV

I have basically the same question as TomPotterCo, but in trying to follow the suggestions I've run into a problem with the TV getting no signal, although the E6410 sees it's there. My HDTV has 3 HDMI inputs. I've tried 2 DP to HDMI adapters (one passive and one active) with 3 different HDMI cables, and on each of the TV's 3 ports.I've tried with both Windows 10 and Linux (Mint 18).

Both OS's detect the TV being connected, and Linux reports what video modes/resolutions it can handle, but  I consistently get "no signal" on the TV. My E6410 has the Intel HD Graphics installed, not the nVidia option. In short, the computer sees the TV, but it seems it's sending neither video nor audio out of the display port.

Yes, I've tried using the display selection utilities on both OS's to direct the signal to the DP port - neither works, and Windows says the change can't be saved. I've also tried updating the video drivers (and rolling back to older versions) to no avail.  I'm stumped......

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