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RE: No charge no power

Hi kellou,

Thanks for posting.

Dell uses an "intelligent" power adapter system. When you turn on the laptop the BIOS program on the mainboard tries to identify the charger via special control wire. If - for instance - the cable that connects to the power jack is damaged or the power jack itself is loose / broken the BIOS might not be able to recognize the power adapter and refuses to charge the battery.

To check if the power adapter is properly recognized press function-key "F2" at powerup. That takes you to the BIOS screen where you can find the information.

You can also:

Remove the Adapter and battery from the computer. Re-seat the power cord bricks in the adapter and then connect only the adapter start the computer by tapping F2 and look for AC Adapter type: If it shows Unknown. Could be problem with adapter. 90% that will fix the problem by getting adapter replaced. Even try it with different adapter if you have one and do the same steps.

Hopefully the alternate adapter doesn't show any reports like Unknown. Confirm the problem with Primary adapter.  If that shows the same message like Unknown then it would be a problem with the Motherboard adapter connector.

If everything is fine with Adapter. Now comes the battery part. Connect the battery to the computer while the system runs and check for the battery error message. if it still persists. then go for BIOS update from the using the computer service tag.. make sure battery has charged like greater than 15%.. Also try check the battery with alternate adapter.

Hope this works.


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