RE: Dell Inspiron 7520 unable to install functional AMD video drivers

From the way that I understand your post the problem with the BSODs, didn't start until after you reinstalled Windows to correct the WIFI connection, is this correct?  If you disable to WIFI card does that make a difference,  I understand that the BSODs point to the GPU and video drivers but I am curious.  If you disable the WIFI card does the video drivers errors go away? If you do notice this then reinstall WIFI drivers and check if that doesn't help. 

Assuming that the problem is with either the video drivers or the GPU, since the problem started after reinstalling Windows I ask what type of reinstall did yo do.  Did you try a manual reinstall or kept your system files.  You may want to try a registry cleaner and remove all of the Intel and AMD drivers from the system and reinstall them fresh or if you haven't already try a full manual reinstall of Windows to make sure that any chance of driver corruption is removed.  When reinstalling video drivers for the 7520 please install the Intel HD 4000 driver first followed by the AMD 7730m. 


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