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RE: Dell Inspiron 15R SE 7520 wont turn on. LEDs and Fan pulsing on and off

So, I finally took the computer to a tecnician. 

The problem, as I was told, was the power input of the video card. He had to do something with the BIOS too.

the computer is back to life, but not as before. I do not have some basic functions, such as the auxiliar buttons that sleep the screen, or the functions shortcuts of F1-F12. My touchpad doesnt answer to multiple finger commands and the computer is very slow to start (When I bought it it would take 24 seconds to boo. Now it is taking over 2 minutes....)

The worst part: I could not run the system detect, neither instal the Dell Rapid Start.... For the rapid starts, I get an error saying that the computer doesnt have minimum system requirements...

Any thoughts?

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