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Plugged In, Not Charging

Okay so I've had this Dell Inspiration 15 since December 2016. It has since had many issues such as of course the "Plugged In, Not Charging". This has happened 2 times now, and possibly a 3rd time and I find that it's very ridiculous that I need to be worrying about this, especially after 2 previous incidents. The first time, I thought it might just be a bad cable which we never got an answer for, so we had to buy a brand new plug. Just like the previous one, nothing seemed to be wrong but eventually after only a month or so after the first incident (which happened only 2 months after buying the computer), it happened again. This time we went to Best Buy. There they gave me a new plug and it worked and we were told its just that dell products went down in stability. This plug we have had for about 3 or 4 months. Now its happening AGAIN. I don't know what's wrong. It also is working but not, I have to adjust it slightly and pray to make it work and as of now it is working, but its very worrisome that its gonna stop working, so now that all of the background info is out of the way, here's my real question.

HOW DO I STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING? AND WHAT DO I DO TO FIX IT? Because I've spent almost 200 dollars now on plugs after taking a lot of care with my previous plugs and this current one and I really REALLY don't want to buy another. I want to know this because I'm pretty sure at some point its not going to work even after jiggling it around. I heard something about the battery and shutting down the system but I have tried some of it before and it never worked. I just want to use my laptop and not have to worry about the plug and change it every 3 or 4 months. Thank you for all who help.

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