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RE: XPS 15 9550 touchpad issue that Dell apparently can't fix

I have the same problem.  I will attach picture.  I have had my XPS 15 since 2014.  Dell has had to replace the motherboard twice.  First time, one week before one year warranty ran out.  I quickly renewed warranty, then again six months later.  Different issue each time.  Now I have creeping up touchpad.  I sent tech pictures and got a supervisor after that.  Supervisor tells me if the tech finds any evidence that I have dropped the computer or damaged it, I will have to pay for repair.  Not!  When I asked if they had any history of this problem with the touchpad, the supervisor told me, "Not with this model."  So I asked if they had reported problem with other models.  His response was "not really."  Seriously?? One Google search and I found this forum discussing the rising touchpad issue. They must have a database of issues per model, so they are not being truthful. They have the nerve to ask me if I damaged it, when it's a known (but not admitted to) problem.  Grrrrr!  Been an IT tech, and now IT Manager, for 25 years.  Annoyed.  Learned to always get next day onsite repair so I never mail in my computers.  They repair right in front of me.