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RE: XPS 15 9550 touchpad issue that Dell apparently can't fix

So. The first time i sent this laptop for the touchpad not working, i didn't know it was a battery issue. The second time it happened (two weeks ago) i knew thanks to this thread it was related to the battery.

Guess what, three weeks ago battery stopped working (red light blinking) and a few days later trackpad too hard to click.

I was lucky enough to have the warranty extended for two years but battery... is still covered only by a 1 year warranty.

So that was my dillemma. Battery not working (no warranty) and touchpad not working (but under warranty). Funny thing as the touchpad was not working because of the battery.

I thought i would try to be smart so i phoned dell (here in canada), saying trackpad is not working. They in the end ask me to send it to their repair center. Honestly i was wondering if they would tell me my touchpad was not working because of the battery. They did not, told me they waited for a part (not saying it was the battery). I have now received the laptop a few days ago, the technician wrote he changed the battery... so now i have a new battery and according to what someone said, battery report says it's LGC the manufacturer. So i wont blame DELL but i find it very sad for people that only took a one year warranty... for a 2000 CAD laptop for me it would have been hard to accept.

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