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RE: Boot not possible after BIOS update

Got an Inspiron 15 2 weeks ago.  Today a popup said - Dell bios update needs to be installed.  Looked legit.  But was it?  

After hitting install I came back to find:

PXE-MOF Existing PXE ROM    No boot device found

Called Dell.  The tech told me: Dell doesn't send out bios updates, I needed to buy System Mechanic Professional ($99), and I need to pay $129 for a one time fix to make my laptop work again.

Scam?  I don't know what to believe.  Said I'd try to fix myself first.  He told me couldn't.

I did do what BUCKY53E suggested and booted to UEFI.  It's working but is it ok?

Any suggestions as to what to do next?

Feeling sick and any help will be appreciated.


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