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RE: 7359 2-in-1: No sound from speakers after BIOs update

Also, as a side note, is there any way to enable stereo mix (recording online/waveout), as I've had on my previous Dell XPS 13 and Inspiron?

The 7359 is a model with Conexant audio, which is somewhat rare for Dell laptops because most of them have Realtek now.. Conexant does not allow for stereo mix. If that is a feature you have to have, you might consider returning the laptop and getting one with Realtek audio.

A couple of people have gotten stereo mix to work on Conexant, but I think most give it up in frustration. There is a hack of the Conexant driver to implement stereo mix at


Go to the 1st page of that thread and scroll way down to the 15th post. The poster's name is AcrUsr and he found the hack. Keep reading that thread for more details from AcrUsr and screen shots.

not something for the fainthearted

I would back up the Registry first, to neutralize the risk.

Other than hacking the Registry or getting a different model, I think the only option is to get a usb sound card that has the stereo mix function. I have not checked into those in a long time so don't know what is available now, or if there is even one that works with Win10.

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