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External hard drive questions

I recently purchased a Inspirion 5000 series laptop. I like it very much and try to keep it lean, I.e, I do not load it up with a lot of stuff. That is because it has a 128GB solid State HD. I thought that that would be plenty, but with recent MS updates, I am down to 42 gb free. A ways to go yet till I have to worry, but, I am thinking of an external HD.

I read posts warning me to buy one with a dock to keep it safe, and to buy a good brand. OK.

My questions: am I reacting too fast to diminish drive space? Also, can I save game installation files (e.g. Withcher 2  or the Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition from Steam)  to the EHD and them play the game, and save directly to the EHD

As is clear, I know really very little about this subject--or I wouldn't have bought a laptop with a SSHD. Oh well...

Appreciate your insights, Forum members.

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