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RE: Fingerprint reader stopped working immediately after Windows 10 Anniversary update (version 1607)

Hello all,

Don't know if this will work for all who've posted here, but yesterday (12/7/2016) I noticed a new version of security tools published for the Latitude E5550.  So, I downloaded and installed the following, and my fingerprint reader works again!

 - Dell ControlVault Firmware (ControlVault_Setup_HTF2M_3.4.10.0_A41_ZPE.exe)

 - Dell ControlVault Driver (Security_Driver_HGX2G_WN64_3.4.8.14_A20.EXE)

 - Dell Data Protection | Security Tools (

It was suggested to me that I didn't need the last one in the list, but I did install it so I'm posting exactly what I installed.  Again, this is for a Latitude E5550 and may not apply to you, but it may indicate that new drivers/software have been released for your model as well.  You'll want to go to the following link and enter your Service Tag number:

Here's hoping this helps someone else.  Cheers!

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