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RE: Dell M.2 FAQ regarding AHCI vs RAID ON, Storage Drivers, M.2 Lanes, Performance and more

Hi, I have the same problem: slow write speeds on my Toshiba XG5 256G ( no more than 350MB/s).

I think this could be a firmware issue because of very agressive power-saving settings.

Here is a quote from an article where they talk about Toshiba XG5 SSD :

"Toshiba is coy about the XG5's specifications because ultimately the performance of final products varies by OEM. Performance is also dependent on firmware, which companies can adjust based on their thermal and power requirements. For instance, if a company reduces the 3,000 MB/s sequential read performance to 2,800, it might gain an extra 60 minutes of battery life. Then they could market a model with nine hours of battery life instead of eight."

Source : www.tomshardware.com/.../toshiba-xg5-nvme-bics-nand-ssd,5099.html

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