RE: Dell M.2 FAQ regarding AHCI vs RAID ON, Storage Drivers, M.2 Lanes, Performance and more

@Diken1 and Judge584,

Thank you for your posts and information. I was just speaking with some folks here and they mentioned that: write-cache buffer flushing in Windows is defaulted to 'on' and could be causing the behavior. Using the OCZ driver likely adjusts caching in some way and that could explain the better performance when using that drive.

I did receive a XG5 drive and have duplicated the behavior mentioned in this thread. I have not tried disabling write-cache buffer flushing yet however. I'm going to do that next week and get back with results.

I recommend you turn off Windows write-cache buffer flushing on the device and then see what happens. You can do so by going to device manager, right clicking the drive's properties then:

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