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RE: Dell Precision 7510 TB16 Boot Issues

Well I've done a bit more testing and have narrowed things down a bit more. Booting from the USB DVD works fine as long as "thunderbolt adapter pre boot modules" is disabled. If I enable that I end up with the same problem of not getting to POST. DVD is booting fine now so that's not really a concern for me.

The USB issues though are still there. I tried it on a fresh install twice and both time I ended up with the same result. When I manually install the drivers, restart then plug in dock as per the instructions the dock works fine without losing connection. I kept it on for a few days, disconnecting and reconnecting devices with no problems. The moment I restarted my computer again the dock started malfunctioning. After a short while all the USB devices dropped out and wouldn't reconnect again unless I restarted computer or disconnected and reconnected the dock to the laptop. The problems are fixed again if I reinstall all the drivers but then they resurface once I restart the laptop. Now constantly reinstalling the drivers is not a practical solution but it appears that it might be either a drivers or power management issue. I've tried going into device manager and unchecking "allow the computer to turn off the device to save power" but that hasn't helped. Any idea what else I could do to try and fix this?

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