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RE: Dell M.2 / NVME Specifications And Upgrade Requirements For Latitude, XPS, Precision Mobile and Optiplex

Hi Justin,

I have a 1 month old Optiplex 3620 which is originally equipped with a 512GB M. 2 PCIe-NVMe from Toshiba. At first time the system worked perfectly. However, I never switched off the computer properly, only putting it into hibernation mode.

Last Friday a Windows update was distributed, prompting the PC to reboot. Afterwards the M. 2 was not recognized by the BIOS any more. I contacted Dell support and after some attempts they said I needed a new motherboard and a new PCIe-NVMe.

On Tuesday I tried to start the PC again, which worked to my surprise. I didn't turn it off for 2 days and it runs without problems during this time.

Due to delivery difficulties with the motherboard, the replacement was delayed until yesterday.

I don't want to list all the details here, that would be way too much information. In fact, a total of 2 x motherboards, 2 x Toshiba NVMe and 1 Samsung 960 Pro were tested in all conceivable combinations. But nothing worked, the computer only sporadically recognizes an M. 2, but cannot be booting in this case.

Do you have any other ideas? Dell support will now send me another Toshiba NVMe to exchange. I can already imagine the result of this test.

Thank you for your help.

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