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RE: Dell XPS 13 laptop battery swollen and touchpad lifted.

I also have a swollen battery on my XPS 13, purchased July 2015, still under a 3-year warranty. I think the battery is excluded from this, and only has a 1-year warranty. Which seems harsh, seeing as this seems to be a design fault, given that my battery still works well in all other areas and is holding good charge.

I'm in the UK and I contacted Dell to find teh cost of a replacement. They said they don't stock them, and gave me the name of an independent supplier who also doesn't stock them.

I'm concerned that if I buy one from another 3rd party that I'll invalidate the warranty on the rest of the laptop. There was no point discussing this on the Dell webchat as the customer service rep had extremely poor communication skills and wasn't making a lot of sense.  

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