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Headphones with microphone not working in e-plus II docking station

I have a Latitude E7470 and while my 3-ring headphones with built-in mic work just fine plugged directly into the laptop, the microphone function stops working when I connect them to the headphone/mic ports on an e-plus II docking station (using this adapter).

Prior to getting this setup, I had an older Optiplex desktop (Win7), and my headphones/splitter adapter had no issues - the headphone function worked and so did the mic.

System info: Windows 10 Enterprise, v1607 and Realtek Audio driver

These are my current settings:

Any idea what's wrong? Again, the headphone functionality works (either when I use my headphones with splitter adapter, or plug them directly into the docking station headphone port), but the microphone doesn't - I can't record any sound even though, from the screenshot above, it appears to recognize a mic has been plugged in.

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