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RE: Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567 Buzzing noise.

Hello, I noticed recently that when my fan is at its fastest rpm and the laptop keys are pressed lightly there is a buzzing noise that can be heard. this noise goes away if the fan slows down or I press harder on the keys. Recently I also discovered that adjusting the screen physically as in moving back or forth seems to take it away as well. Any thoughts?

I checked my system by running the 3D Mark Time Spy DirectX 12 benchmark.  The fans seem to running at full speed but all I could hear was a slight high pitched hum. pressing a key made no difference for me.  I could also hear the doppler effect from the two fans but that is normal.

A "buzzing" sound could be taken different ways since some of these sounds are hard to describe.  I was getting a sound like a hard drive seeking on one of my systems (SSDs only) which was coming through the audio output.  Since yours did not stop it must be something else.  

When you say "adjusting the screen stops it", possibly it is related to a physical condition where a tip of a fan might be hitting something when it spins up.  There is not a lot of room under the system for air to get into the two intake ports.  You might try elevating the back of the unit slightly to see if it cools better or effects the sound.  Make sure and not block those bottom air intakes.


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