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XPS 15 96560 Audio Crackling

I recently got an xps 15 9560 and immediately started experiencing audio problems.

There will be a crackling sound whenever I use the F11/F12 keys (screen brightness controls). Also these sound will come up pretty much on their own although the only reliable way to reproduce the issue I've found so far is to press the F11 F12 buttons.

I contacted dell support and they told me it probably is a software problem and that it was the first time they had heard of anything similar happening.

The crackling sound will come up whether I am using the integrated speakers, external speakers or a connected headset, so I'd say too it is something wrong with the drivers. Also on connected devices I will hear a kind of tap (static sound) every five seconds or so when connected. I have tried reinstalling pretty much every driver including BIOS (up to 24th feb '17 updates) and that didn't solve anything.

If in my music player (MusicBee) I switch audio decoding from DirectSound to WASAPI or ASIO the problem disappears. However I am not able to switch the system default to WASAPI so on videos and other music player the issue persists. I have read somewhere of a Dell Audio app or options menu where you can supposedly change there audio settings but all I have is the default windows audio menu (I have also read of users having this dell audio app disappearing completely after reinstalling the audio drivers so it might have been that ?).

Since this thing is very annoying (having to manually switch between audio profiles etc.) will a system wipe and restore solve this or there is no point in even trying?

Is this a known problem with the default Dell MaxxAudio Driver and if it is is there a fix or update somewhere?

Is there a way to set WASAPI as the default sound processor?