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RE: XPS 15 96560 Audio Crackling

UPDATE (02 mar 17)

As dell support suggested I reset the laptop. As soon as the audio driver were reinstalled the audio crackling began again. Called them again, this time they told me they thought the windows installation (and also the recovery file) were corrupted to begin with. As per their suggestion I used a usb drive to restore the system using the factory image they provide in the support section for my laptop. Didn't work.

So after having lost hours of my time resetting the pc twice the audio noise was not solved.

Also I tried resetting the audio device to use the windows hd audio codec but it seems the realtek driver erased it during installation and consequently if I go to the device manager -> right click on sound card -> update -> choose from pc... the only driver I am presented with is the realtek one.

Also during testing I discovered that the audio crackling emerges also during the default windows sound test, so the culprit here is certainly not  my music player or browser (tested with chrome, firefox, edge).

Interestingly the audio in Groove Music is perfect and even more interesting I think it uses the default audio driver as it doesn't seem to be exclusive (eg. I can open chrome and listen to something else at the same time while on musicBee with wasapi this is not possible).

Could this mean there is some issue with Flash maybe?

Also does anyone know of some other way to restore windows to the native audio driver possibly without me having to wipe my pc for the third time in a week?

Also heads up to anyone wanting to buy one...the guy at the dell prosupport said this year's model seems to be particularly problematic with issues popping up everywhere so do it at your own risk (my own unit arrived with a broken fan).

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