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RE: XPS 15 96560 Audio Crackling

since this is a new system, I suppose it is running Win 10?

After you reset, have you tried running the system for a while without loading any third party music players, maybe just Windows Media Player, for testing?

Google seems to take quite of chunk of system resources.  You might check the Task Manager and see it that is happening on your system.  If the system is busy doing other things it may not have the resources to reproduce the music clearly.

I have a very hard time keeping straight what a particular model number may have for a system configuration.  Does that system have the 4K display and how much memory and processor?

There was one poster who reported a Dell utility running was partially responsible for static on his system.  So system capability and workload may be involved.  Some third party utilities may install components which could also interfere with the operation.

Your comment about Grove Music is interesting.  If you look at the playback devices from the speaker icon on the Taskbar, there is a Configuration button which does have options for Exclusive control.  You could try changing some of those settings.

What volume levels are you running your sound?  Remember, there may be two or three different volume level adjustments in players or devices which can be adjusted.  Over driving audio output can distort the final output.

And lastly, does being plugged or unplugged make any difference?  Does the static happen no matter where your physical location?


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