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Intel SD Host Controller driver for Dell Inspiron 14 3452 for Windows 7 x64 needed


I'm looking for driver for Intel SD Host Controller device, a part of Dell Inspiron 14 3452, for Windows 7 x64

Device ID: ACPI\VEN_8086&DEV_0F14 or ACPI\80860F14 as it appears in Windows 10 installed there now.

Hardware identifier apps detect that that's part of Braswell chipset.


Please help with finding the driver.


What I checked:

1. Intel and Dell driver download resources, including drivers for chipset, including extraction of drivers from all relevant driver packages.

2. Intel's and Dell's Update apps to find drivers.

3. Whatever Windows 7 installation app gets from the internet when pointed to go online at the start of Windows 7 installation, as there is an option to get drivers from internet at the beginning if Widows 7 installation is running from under Windows 10.

4. Alternative websites and forums for drivers.

5. Driver packages from other vendors for their laptops using likely the same hardware.

6. Drivers for Windows 10 and Windows 8.

7. Dell's support including phone based ones.

8. Intel community.

9. BIOS update - done, didn't help.

Nothing helped.



I can't get drivers for Windows 7 using Windows Update as now I have Windows 10 installed on that laptop. I can't use any kind of driver downloader app as now I have Windows 10 on a laptop I need drivers for, and that downloaders can get drivers only for OS version they are installed on. I need that driver to install Windows 7 x64 on Dell Inspiron 14 (3452) laptop.

Now when I start Windows 7 installation from under Windows 10 it comes to a list of paritions and when I select required partition it shows error message "Windows needs the driver for device [Intel SD Host Controller]. Click 'Load Driver' and load the required device". I can't install to other partitions as they are reserved/hidden and are of 900 MB max size, and show the same error message.

When I start Windows installation from media using it as boot device it just doesn't see the eMMC drive.



Laptop has Windows 10 on board preinstalled which gives about 500 MB free space left on a 32 GB eMMC card and tends to consume all free space which ultimately makes system non working. That card is there instead of HDD or SSD. Consuming space is not the only reason for moving to Windows 7, and using Windows 10 is strongly not preferred option.

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