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RE: Precision 5510 weird GPU driver issues (screen blanking/dark) (Intel P530)

I am experiencing the same issue.

A) This started happening after installing the latest Intel HD Graphics 530/P530 Driver (Video_Driver_9T55H_WN32_21.20.16.4590_A09.EXE) from the Dell support site.

B) When I wake up the next day, my laptop has generally been idle, lid closed (but powered on), and screen dark.  When I plulg it in, open the lid and bring up the screen brightness since the sun is out, the black screen blinking starts happening until Win 10 gives me the video_tdr_failure BSOD.  After the core dump and reboot it works fine... until the next day.

Will be rolling back the driver in the mean time.  This detail needs to be passed along to whomever failed to test the new drivers they pushed out so they can resolve.

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