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Inspiron 5748 power management problem


Since I updated my bios to A09 my laptop won't hibernate successfully - it appears to be powered down but won't power on: I have to hold the power button for 5 seconds, after which it will power back up.

This suggests to me that (ACPI?) power-off isn't succeeding correctly and the laptop is in some odd state.

I can't revert to the previous BIOS (because the installer refuses to allow it) so I can't be certain that it's a problem with the BIOS or if that's a coincidence - I've updated the BIOS 3 times since, each time hoping that the problem would resolve itself but it hasn't Smiley Sad

I went into the BIOS and reset all settings to default, in case it was a problem with a corrupted NVRAM, but no joy.

I've tried updating all the drivers I can (as per the dell support site) but it makes no difference.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, I'm at a complete loss.

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