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Cursor scrolls on its own across desktop and you cannot control it

Dell 15 XPS 9550, Windows 10 64 Bit. I started having issues immediately around controlling the cursor of the trackpad (precision). On boot the cursor is impossible to control. It floats across the desktop and makes random movement. I tap on the trackpad, try to get control of it but it doesn't respond. If I then open an app, or webpage by using keyboard and get the cursor onto the app or webpage I seem to get more control, but on the desktop it's just impossible to scroll or select anything. This makes it almost impossible to work, it's annoying and distracting, and recently, become worse. I've updated BIOS, chipsets, ran diagnostics, everything that I can and still the issue is not resolved. This is an expensive machine, and now the second Dell Laptop that I've had problems with. I hope Dell addresses this. 

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