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SOLVED! laptop dell (Inspiron 11-3000 series) keyboard stopped working

Hey all,

Before begining to explain how it got fixed it, please get to know what was wrong first. Here's the text of the original blog I posted months ago: 

Dear all,                                                             

These (MJU7NHY6) keys in my laptop dell (Inspiron 11-3000 series) keyboard stopped working this May 13. They wouldn’t function unless pressed so hard.

The onscreen keyboard is working fine. I updated the keyboards driver but it didn’t help. I’m sure that no liquid was spilled over the keyboard. Maintenance shops where seem they can’t help. Some said would give it a try but that there’s a chance it may screw up the whole. Please advise what to do. Enclosed is a snapshot of the keys in questions.

I appreciate your advice.


Here's the fix: Please note that I'm not an expert in whatever has to do with laptop and my suggestion here, however crazy it sounds, shouldn't be taken for granted. So, here's how it was fixed. I was carrying my laptop while switched off with the lid closed the other day in hand while heading to my bedroom when the laptop accidentally fell to the ground (some 8-10 feet long). I didn't care much for any physical damage to the laptop; I was already fed up with the idea of having to use a USB keyboard in order to use it. It didn't suffer any damage. Anyway, I switched it on the next day and attached the USB keyboard as usual to work on a Word document.I was removing some some food off some of the keys that had stopped working and I noticed they were working again! I'm  not %100 sure that that fall did cause the malfunctioned keys to work again but I have tried different kind of fixes and none worked. So, be careful when applying my suggestion. I'm so happy it's working again and I hope anyone with the same problem to get theirs fixed. 

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