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Laptop lid does not close

Hello all. I have a dell XPS 13 L322X Developer Edition since June 2013. I like it very much and even after all these three years it still is very fast and helps me a lot in my work as a researcher, both at the office and when traveling.

Two things I didn’t like about it was the battery life (+-3 hours on Ubuntu) and the noisy cooler fan, but I had lived with them for all these years. However, a few weeks ago I had to replace the cooler fan because it was very noisy. After replacing the cooler fan I noticed that the battery was draining very fast and that it had just 15% capacity, but I’m not sure the battery capacity was already 15% prior to the cooler fan replacement. Anyway, I removed the battery and replaced it again perhaps hoping that it’d increase the capacity by itself, but it didn’t. However, after removing and replacing the battery I got to a new issue: the laptop lid no longer fully close when I try to and the edge at the front side stays a little bit opened. This makes that while the laptop suspend for while when I close it, it wakes up by itself when I touch any part of the laptop. Would you have any idea what makes the laptop lid fully closed (if there is any magnet or anything else inside it to keep it closed)? I think the suspend/wakes up problem happens because it does not close fully. Any idea? Thanks a lot.

Below two photos of my laptop to illustrate what I mean.

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