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BSOD the moment I try to install video driver for Inspiron 5559


I bought a brand new Inspiron 5559 at the beginning of summer and have been unable to use it due to constant BSOD issues. From the moment I turned it on for the first time I have been getting constant screen corruption, BSOD, flickering and freezing. Since buying, I have tried off and on again to find solutions on this forum and other forums and have not found anything that has worked.

I have reset the Windows 10 PC using the recovery software many times now and so long as I stick with the basic display adapter driver included with windows there are no crashes or problems. The moment I install any Intel graphics driver from Dell's site, Intel's site or Windows update the computer is no longer able to boot into windows. In fact, the computer cannot even complete initial driver installation before the blue screens start. BSOD starts halfway through intel driver installs and once this happens it will never again boot into windows. On several occasions during a system reset, if the computer is connected to the internet, the computer will BSOD before windows even finishes installing.

Every BSOD lists graphics_TDR_failure or video_schedule_internal_error.

I am needing this computer for school now which is why I have decided to post my issue here. Any help is appreciated as I need this fixed.

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