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Need Battery

I am using dell inspiron 3543 now after 1 yr battery permanent failure showing now need to change the battery so suggest me battery how much cell battery should i bought  ? daily usage of my laptop is approx 15 hrs.


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RE: Need Battery


Thank you for writing to us!

The system mentioned is offered with 4cell WHR Lithium-ion battery option.

You can check you battery health by

-Restart / Power on your computer.

-At the first text on the screen or when the Dell logo appears, tap <F2> until the message Entering Setup appears.

-Scroll to the Advanced tab.

-Look under battery health, it should say This battery is performing normally. If there is any other message, it could mean that the battery is faulty and needs replacement.

You can purchase a battery from the Dell site online.

Kindly private message the service tag and email address.



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