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RE: No Gb LAN? What are you thinking Dell?

I accept your advice of buyer beware, but I should be able to expect far better from Dell on this.  I feel ripped off and conned.  Dell have had previous grizzles dating back years ago from both end users and reviewers regarding Dell supplying laptops without gigabit support.  If I'd known this before I purchased, I wouldn't have bothered.

My two page invoice and four page order acknowledgment make no mention of 10/100 network support (or gigabit), yet a LAN port is clearly visible.  Why should I have to go hunting on a website for a simple gigabit specification on a Win10 Pro laptop sold in 2017?

If anything, Dell's marketing should say "Designed for the real world", "With high end features (except gigabit LAN)".  If we can conclude that Dell marketing are behind this decision to deceive, then again I ask Why?

Is it to save money?

Is it a mistake?

Is the Dell marketing department not across the current laptop hardware technical specifications users should be able to expect?

Even your tech support agents were fooled by the stupidity.

All I want from Dell is a "Sorry we shouldn't have sold you this Inspiron 15 5000 i7 Win10 Pro notebook without gigabit LAN, and this is what we're going to do to put things right".

I've been buying Dell since the mid 1990s and have been well and truly caught.