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RE: No Gb LAN? What are you thinking Dell?

If there is even 1 USB3 port then you can use a USB3 to gigabit adapter.  HOWEVER there is a difference between industry marketing which has nothing to do with Dell in particular and actual speed.

100 meg ethernet is not 10 times faster than 10 meg ethernet and gigabit is not 10 times faster than 100 meg ethernet.   Half and Full duplex also counts as well as jitter and latency with final problem being cables and switches etc.  A real world working gigabit switch is going to be expensive.

You didn't say DSL or Cable or FIOS or what brand and model of Router we are talking about.

Mega BITS vs Mega Bytes also counts aka its 8x slower.


433 megabits data transfer rate is close to 80meg data transfer rate which is 802.11AC Wave 2  5GHZ wireless.


I have fios which has super low 10ms latency and 150 meg bi directional speed but i dont want trip wires all over the house so I use 600AC usb Wifi adapters and they work Just fine.


Gigabit Ethernet runs up to 125 Mbit/s (1.000 Mbps / 8 = 125 MBits/s).
By just observing these two numbers you could say that Gigabit Ethernet

The other fly in the ointment is a gig is not a gig.

1000000 vs 1048576
Bits vs Bytes 8X slower

400 mbit per second is not uncommon using wired gbit hardware.
600 mbit per second is usually pushing it and if you have
network gear that supports jumbo frames, 800 mbit is feasible
but again you run into other issues.

Giga BIT does not mean you can download 1048576 bytes of data in 1 second aka an entire dvd iso in less than 5 seconds.



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