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RE: No Gb LAN? What are you thinking Dell?

Thanks for taking the time Speedstep.

It's a pretty simple issue.  This win10 Pro laptop cannot connect to a gigbit/ byte capable business network and transfer files at the same speed as all other connected devices because it has a 10/100 network card in it.  

Again, it's obsolete technology being dumped on the NZ market -and doesn't fit with the rest of the specs of the notebook.  Absolutely no reason for it given other than a marketing choice.  I don't expect to be buying (or seeing on the market) a similar spec'd laptop from any other major vendor who includes such an out of date 10/100 network adapter.  Other Dell purchasers have been complaining about this for the past 5 years (including reviewers).

Back to my original question.  Why?  What are Dell thinking?