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RE: No Gb LAN? What are you thinking Dell?

I have an i5 5567, and I got a 10/100 card in the US.  And also feel ripped off.  Except I spent hours on the phone with Dell Techs over many calls, and shipped my computer to them twice before the 2nd tech noticed that the computer is only spec'ed for 10/100.

In the US, Verizon Fios (disclaimer - my employer - though I'm writing as a "person") just introduced near-gigabit internet under $80 with TV and phone. This may contribute to faster internet from most American ISPs to compete - and a real need for wired internet speeds faster than 100 Mbps.  Yes, Amazon (US) has Gigabit ethernet adapters that will go in a USB 3.0 port for $12 USD, but I agree - I wonder what Dell was thinking when it saved pennies on these motherboards by using 20 year old rather than 15 year old Internet technology.