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RE: Make my touchpad more responsive

Unanswered for more than 5 months. This is how much a Dell customer counts (after having paid good money for a business-grade product).

Please provide me the proper registry settings for the Alps Touchpad driver to ...

  • Improve the responsiveness of my touchpad, make it move immediately when touched, without even a 50 ms latency. The hardware can do this because this is possible under Linux.
  • Set up acceleration and deceleration values separately.
  • Set up tap to click and tap delay values separately.
  • Disable the annoying scroll indicator cursor while scrolling.
  • Make the touchpad respond immediately to scrolling, without the current ~ 100-200 ms latency.
  • Make the touchpad scroll using line-based, compatible scroll mode. I don't want any smoothness or different scrolling behavior in each application.

... or... provide a thorough documentation that covers these settings. I'm not lazy to read.

No, I don't want to do this on the marketing-idealist shiny but useless UI of Dell Touchpad, because it doesn't have any of these options. I also want to experiment with it manually to get it adjusted to my fingers.

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