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XPS 9560 USB Device Failed

Hi all

Short story: I have bought a new XPS 15 9560 laptop from Dell and the device is giving me errors: USB device failed. I'd like to find out if others are experiencing similar issues and what solutions have been found.

Long story: Before setting up my brand new laptop, I ran diagnostic tests in the ePSA Pre-boot System Assessment program where it has returned with the following issues:

Fail PSA V4304.17 Error 2000:0244 Validate Code: 111999 USB device failed with return code 0xa

Additional tests returned a similar message, and on one occasion the Validate Code was different: 112266

Presuming, or rather hoping, it to be an issue that could be resolved with updates, I proceeded on and setup my windows. Thereafter, Dell's Update Program advised me of available updates, one of which was for the Bios. After installing the updates and logging back into windows, Dell's SupportAssist program popped up automatically and displayed there were issues: USB device failed. I plugged my mouse into both USB ports and they appear to be functioning; however, the mouse is jerky/laggy.

I followed Dell's SupportAssist's instructions and have been in touch with Dell's Support Team. The support representative checked various aspects of the system, via DellConnect, and could not find an issue present/logged within Device Manager or Dell's SupportAssist. Thereafter, I was instructed to go back into the ePSA Pre-boot System Assessment program and after tests it yielded the USB device failed error again. The representative made assumptions it could be issues with the USB port, or the motherboard, and suggested for me to escalate the matter to Dell's Resolution Center/Department for a possible repair or replacement. I have requested for the escalation but I am not pleased with the notion of having a brand new product repaired, let alone having to deal with all this inconvenience.

An hour later the same support representative was kind enough to contact me back. He requested me to check the time in the Bios was correct (it was correct) and to install Dell Command Configure. He advised me that he hopes this program will fix the issue in a few hours or overnight, but in the meantime the matter is still being escalated for a resolution.

I could not find similar feedback from others online; however, I did come across acknowledgement of this issue in Dell's Knowledge Database from back in January 2017: Search for "How to resolve an Error code 2000:0244" (My apologies, I believe the forum does not allow for url link shares). Regretfully it appears to me that issue is being downplayed in the article and that it doesn't give a real solution.

I hope the issue will reach a satisfactory resolution, but I am very interested to hear if there are others having similar inconveniences and what was done in terms of a solution.

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