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Issue with HDD, error code: 2000-0142

Hello everyone,

I have an issue with my Dell Inspiron 15R SE 7520. I got a freeze while playing one game. After a forced reboot I got BSOD right before the logging screen. Google said that it could be some issue with hdd, ram, video card or drivers. The laptop was able to boot into the Windows safe mode, and there I removed my drivers for video cards. After that I was able to boot into a normal Windows mode without BSOD, but after a few minutes I received a freeze again. Forced reboot - again BSOD before logging screen. Then I decided to do a clean re-installation of Windows with the removal of everything on the hard disk. After the successful installation of clean Windows I got BSOD (or freeze) again during the initial system setup (Wi-fi, ms account, etc.). 

I ran the Dell diagnostics and got "Long test failed, error code: 2000-0142". 

SupportAssist Pre-Boot System Performance Check says: 

"Recommended action
Replace Hard Drive.

Your hard drive is operating outside of normal parameters and should be replaced."

But when I put my hdd in my mother's laptop it worked well without BSOD or freeze. As well as hdd from my mother's laptop in mine.

So everything says that it's an issue with hdd and it should be replaced by new one. But why does it work fine in another laptop? I would not like to spend money on a new hdd and find out that the problem was for another reason. Is there any way to 100% make sure that the problem is in hdd and not in something else?

Laptop: 5 y.o. Inspiron 15R SE 7520 

System: Windows 10 PRO

BSOD stop codes:






and mb 1-2 other

DOS DLG 5.27: "Errors found - the drive has been repaired" (did not help). Error/status code: 0223

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