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XPS 15 9560 Killer Wireless killing my network

So I received my 9560 yesterday.  It has been largely unusable.  The problem being the Killer 1535 wifi card seems to be able to nuke my whole wifi network.  It only requires a few minutes of browsing the web (notice it particularly on Facebook) before the killer does something which causes my router to basically shut down the wifi side (router is a Drayek 2860n+ which has previously run for 2years without a single fault with many other devices).

I narrowed it down to the killer card by plugging in a belkin USB wifi adapter and the machine becomes usable and stable, but the second I re-enable and use the killer 1535 the whole network crashes.

A bit of googling would suggest this isn't limited to my router type and the Killer 1535 is extremely unstable and unfriendly to routers.

So far I have tried to install new drivers from the Dell support site, and also from Killer's website (drivers dated just 1 day ago, they seem to issue a new version every week, which is telling).

Any other suggestions on how to fix this?  Its taken about 12hours to get the laptop setup so I am very reluctant simply to return it.

Why on earth Dell ship this laptop with such unstable hardware is beyond me, searching the web I am definitely not alone.